performing the music of Pink Floyd


09.11.19 20:00

Vallendar, D, Stadthalle

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Pink Floyd – giants of progressive and art rock, architects of powerful, mind-blowing sound productions with unique musical elegance and masters of ceremony of extravagant live shows – a monolith in the history of rock music. Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands of all times and has long earned its place among the rock Olympians.

After the all too early death in 2008 of Richard Wright, the Pink Floyd keyboarder, Pink Floyd will naturally never be seen again in its original line-up.

However the legacy of this legendary band will be carried on by the Pink Floyd tribute band Echoes. Over the past years Echoes have given impressive proof of this in over 250 concerts (including festivals with Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Asia, Ten Years After e.g.) all over Europe. They take their delighted audience with them on a highly emotional journey to “The Dark Side of the Moon” by way of “Ummagumma”, “Meddle”, “Wish you were here”, “Animals”, right up to the post Waters era. Along with a comprehensive “Best of Pink Floyd” you will also hear many almost forgotten works of theirs.

Even so, an Echoes concert is no nostalgia trip. Rather with great musical enthusiasm, they demonstrate close attention to detail, stunning sound, and full respect for the original. This means that the complex Pink Floyd legends are still just as fascinating and up-to-date as at the time of their creation – in fact timeless.

With Echoes “L” the band offers a specially tailored mammoth show of their own which also does visual justice to the gigantic concert production of Pink Floyd. The huge stage construction, equipped with intelligent moving-head spotlights, computer controlled video projections onto a huge screen, and numerous other elements of the original Pink Floyd shows, guarantee, in conjunction with the just as large-scale sound system, an absolutely extraordinary and unique live experience in L format.

So, the audience can look forward to an exciting and spectacular concert event in a Floydian atmosphere, in the truest sense of the word!

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