John Lees' Barclay James Harvest

Best Of Classic Barclay

19.05.22 20:00

Nieder-Olm, D, Ludwig-Eckes-Festhalle

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Veranstaltung wegen COVID-19 (Corona-Virus) verlegt vom 06.11.2021 auf den 19.05.2022.

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Many Barclay James Harvest fans still remember the legendary concert of Barclay James Harvest at the Berlin Reichstag in 1980 with more than one hundred thousand spectators. The live recording of this concert called " Berlin - A Concert For The People" became a blockbuster and helped the band to what it is today: an icon. In 1987 Barclay James Harvest  was the first western rock band to play in East Berlin. This live show was also recorded  and  released under the title "Glasnost ". And now John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest performs soon with frontman, singer and guitarist John Lees and bass guitarist / vocalist Craig Fletcher, keyboard player Jez Smith and drummer Kevin Whitehead live in your area.

During their „Best of Classic Barclay“ tour the band will perform songs of the period of BJH's history which most fans regard as their most creative and productive, and their musical collaborations in the 1970’s included such classics as "Mocking Bird", " Poor Man’s Moody Blues ", "Child Of The Universe" and "Hymn".

In October 2013 the band, which had managed to combine progressive rock with mainstream from their early days, released North, an album of all-new material, acclaimed by critics and fans alike as the best work to be released under the BJH banner for many a year.

After constant touring and performances with a classical orchestra, the band will now look back on the development of their distinctive mellotron sound. John Lees‘ Barclay James Harvest  will rock the stage, entertain as well as enthuse their audience when performing their „Best Of Classic Barclay“ show. In 2016 John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest will keep the musical legacy alive with songs marking crucial events in the band‘s history and then will look to the future with great optimism.

John Lees, original member and one of the band’s founding members, has composed most of Barclay’s evergreens that have shaped the band’s sound. The color of his voice and the sound of his guitar is one the band’s trademarks.

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