Tommy Emmanuel

November 2019

23.11.19 19:30 (18:30)

Weiz, AT, Kunsthaus

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Tommy Emmanuel is one of these guitarists you will not hear every day. Whether it is his own compositions or cover versions: Emmanuel's playing stays brillant throughout and exposes you to countless different styles and moods. Being one of the world's leading purveyors of fingerstyle guitar, he proves to his listeners what this instrumental is capable of.

Tommy Emmanuel's career started early on: His family was extremely talented and busy in the field of music, and little Tommy played the guitar at an almost professional level by the age of six. Since his childhood, he has been standing on stage and is a truly full-blooded musician. Breathtaking runs, rhythm picking, effortless changes through all the keys, sometimes brash and at other times gentle: It sounds like an entire orchestra playing. You feel the passion in every single note. This virtuoso is not about fame, money or renown, but about showing the entire emotional spectrum. From profound melancholy to live-affirming euphoria he captures his audience and never lets it go.
Seven-digit sales figures, Grammy nominations, an appearance at the closing ceremony of the Sydney olympics: Tommy Emmanuel is a true super star as a guitarist, and his playing leaves listeners entranced.
Now he will visit Europe's summer stages to enthuse both critics and fans with his virtuosity and charisma, not least because he often has the audience participate in his passionate performance.
Anyhow, one thing is for sure: A concert of this guitar icon does not leave anybody cold.

Tommy Emmanuel Video

Weiz, AT
Bad Aibling, D
Fulda, D
Essen, D
Bestwig, D
Bergheim, D
Hannover, D
Dresden, D
Regensburg, D

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